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Essential Things Financial Intuitions Need from Their Shipping Companies

Essential Things Financial Intuitions Need from Their Shipping Companies

Banking may have gone digital but not entirely. Even today, many banks tend to do their work on paper which makes document shipping necessary. This includes sending welcome kits, credit cards, PINs, fixed deposit receipts to the customers; marketing and promotional material to the branches; bills, receipts, contracts etc., to the head office; processed documents to the archives etc. To do that, banks use a courier delivery service, which in itself comes with a few challenges.

So, here is a list of all the essential things a financial institute, like a bank, needs from a shipping company:

Security of Packages

Bank documents are highly sensitive and confidential which makes their secure delivery an important task. A bank delivery service, New Jersey, needs to have the capabilities to carry and deliver secure packages. This, itself, eliminates a lot of the smaller players. Empire Estate Couriers have dedicated stations for sorting and bagging banking shipments to guarantee safe document shipping. We use specially designed polybags to secure the aesthetics of bank shipments and also enable express delivery of sensitive documents.

Wide Reach

Most shipment companies do not offer their services in different towns. This limits the customers as they have to use different bank delivery services around the city. It also affects the consistency of service as well as pricing, timeliness etc. Empire Estate Couriers specializes in shipments all across New York including New Jersey, making it easier for people all around the city to get their bank documents delivered right at their door step.

Traceability of Package at All Times

If an important document gets lost during shipment, it can be misused as it has confidential and potentially important information. This also means that a bank cannot simply resend the documents if it gets lost. So, it is fundamental that the packages are tracked throughout the process. This not only makes the shipment process easier for the financial institution but also for the customers as they can be rest assured that their personal information is in safe hands.

Empire Estate Couriers provides real time tracking to its customers allowing them to track their packages from the ease of their mobile phones.


Banks are not open all day which means that the delivery needs to be made when the specific branch or the head office is still open. If this is not possible, shipment company needs to make sure to reschedule the shipment in a way that it reaches the bank when it opens the next day.


At times, banks end up choosing premium multi-national logistic companies to ensure secure shipment which drains their budget. Empire Estate Couriers, on the other hand, offers packages that are both affordable and secure hence eliminating the risk of going over budget.

A bank delivery service, New Jersey, needs to be far more vigilant than a regular shipment company because of the content it deals with. This is why financial institutions look for many qualities when choosing a shipment company. Empire Estate Couriers checks all the boxes, making sure that banks get the service they require.

Originally posted 2023-03-09 17:55:04.

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