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Speed Matters! The Importance of Same Day Delivery

Speed Matters! The Importance of Same Day Delivery

Consumer behavior is changing now more than ever. The fact that more and more companies are offering same day and overnight deliveries has made it absolutely necessary for small business and new comers to offer the same if they want to stay in the market and compete with a fair chance of survival. After all, as the world evolves, people are getting busier and no longer have the time to wait for their packages more than a day. The same day delivery services global market has grown from $5.14 billion in 2021 to $6.43 billion by the end of the year at a compound annual growth rate of just over 25%. This data indicates that if retailers are not currently offering same-day delivery services now, they are definitely planning on doing so in the near future to maintain a competitive edge.

To understand the increase in same day deliveries, let’s look at the benefits it offers to both retailers and customers.

Benefits of Same Day Delivery, New Jersey


Customer speed and instant gratification have transformed the retail experience in the past few years. As food places started delivering food almost instantly, after ordering, customers began expecting the same from retailers. This shift in the paradigm has created a better customer experience and more cost-effective delivery methods for retailers. Same day delivery is much more cost effective as compared to a regular 3-5 delivery service as it requires one mode of transportation, bringing down fuel costs and surcharges for both retailers and customers. Moreover, same day delivery, NJ, also creates jobs for local drivers because rather than being shipped from a large warehouse far from the customers, the items typically come from the closest available stores within the delivery radius by a local delivery person.

Theft and Loss Prevention

Package theft is one of the biggest issues that retailers face. A NYC same day delivery service like Empire Estate Couriers works to not only offer same-day delivery in terms of the physical delivery but also facilitate the delivery experience by allowing customers to select convenient delivery times. We offer timed delivery on top of same day delivery, which ensures that customer or someone in the house is present when the package is delivered so that the chances of theft is minimized.

 Customer Are Willing To Pay More

Same day delivery not only benefits the customers but also the retailers as many customers are willing to pay a little extra to get their packages delivered to them on the same day. Third party delivery solutions, like Empire Estate Couriers, create a multi-carrier approach where retailers can access all large and small carriers and offer solutions based on volume hence allowing themselves to make more profit.

It Boosts Growth

Same day delivery can boost your company’s profits and give it competitive advantage over other companies. Moreover, shipping companies that offer same day deliveries can double their conversion rates and make significant increase in sales year after year. However, those who do not may lose customers and hence face a decrease in sales.

As the world evolves, delivery time tends to decrease as well. Customers have growing expectations from retailors and retailors have similar expectation from shipment companies. Empire Estate Couriers has been stepping up to these expectations and in the up-coming years will ultimately be the game changer in the industry. So, start your journey with us today.

Originally posted 2023-03-09 18:02:38.

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