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What are the services that Empire State Couriers provides?

Delivery at your reliability. Empire State Couriers are the only reliable courier service that cares for you, which is why we also offer a same-day delivery time. Following are the services we serve for all of your B2B needs.

Same-Day Delivery

A reputable service by Empire State Couriers is our Same-Day delivery offer. When you want an important document or package delivered on the same day, our expert couriers will make sure to have your parcels delivered to you within hours of your request. Safely and securely.

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Laboratory & Medicine Services

For the transportation of Medical Equipment and medical reports, blood samples, Medicine supplies, and lab results regarding specimen pick-ups, you should choose us. Not only do we offer same-day delivery but at a reliable and affordable rate. Now available in New York and New Jersey!

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Route Service

Do you have a package that you need delivered every day? Our Local Route run provides you with a courier service that follows a customizable route and a custom driver. Count on us for your deliveries. You can even track all of your deliveries as well!

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Legal Documents and Bank Delivery Service

Empire State Courier also offers Legal and Bank documentation Delivery services at a reliable and affordable rate. We know how your documents are extremely important to you, and this is why we like to offer you a service that is reliable and trustworthy. We will transport your documentation across New York and New Jersey, leaving you of all of your worries. Inherently, saving you valuable time and money!

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Mail Pickup & Drop Off

Have a letter you need delivered? Want to pick up a letter but don't want to stand in the waiting line at the local post office? Consider us for your letter delivery. All of your important documents and letters will be delivered to you safely and securely. Without having you wait out in the waiting line. At a faster and more reliable rate.

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Overnight Delivery

Does your business force you to travel a lot? Our Out-of-town service can help you make the right choice by having your mail or packages delivered to the destination that you want! Inherently, saving you time and also money. With our overnight delivery options, you can easily have your documentations delivered right to your doorstep in less than 8 hours! More conveniently, you can have your packages delivered around 9:30 am at the very next day!

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