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About Us

Empire State Couriers are the only premium courier service you need!

What Empire State Couriers stands for

At Empire State Couriers, our main goal is to be a courier service that is reliable and trustworthy, affordable, and stands with you every step of the way!

We like to do your work for you so you won’t have to! Being affordable and reliable. We like to solve your problems so that you are always comfortable with your delivery needs.

What do we value most?

  • Our commitment to delivery
  • Trust, Reliability, Affordability
  • Service that sits well with you

The Empire State Courier Community

Empire State Courier supports local businesses and people. This is why we believe in timely and swift deliveries and being extremely cost effective as well. Our customer service runs on a 24/7 basis and our team of couriers are experts that have over a decade of experience.

delivery services

What Empire State Couriers Believes in

delivery services

 Empire State Couriers completes its services through focus also dedication to variety. We make our  worth known through a diverse workforce and offering a customer service that exceeds their expectations.

We handle your whole logistics procedures, starting from the supplier completely to the end customer. Empire State Couriers concentrate on specific delivery and also origin gratification– which reduces the prices of pick & pack while minimizing the expenses of responsibilities with parcel shipping. 

Our sophisticated modern technology uses formulas driven by our elegantly designed website to maximize the courses for your requirements. Empire State Couriers ensure to be competitive by leveraging our extensive shipping network to tap into quantity affordable prices.